Progress Software Corporation

Bedford, MA

October 1996 - April 1997

Consultant working through New Boston Systems

Designed, wrote specifications, planned, wrote Patch-Installer using Bourne-shell scripts. The Patch-Installer is an installation tool which allows Progress customers to apply patches automatically to Progress software products. Traditionally these patches were applied manually, a method which had many disadvantages, including being prone to many mistakes and unrecoverable errors.

The Patch-Installer provides the customer with a tool with which to do the Progress patches automatically, providing backups of existing patch-levels, and recovery procedures.

I also wrote the specifications for the Patch-Installer to be implemented on the Windows/Win95/WinNT platforms, which involved modifying the existing Progress Installer (written in C) to use the InstallShield product.

UNIX, Bourne-Shell, Windows, Windows-95, Windows-NT, InstallShield, Microsoft Developers' Studio


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