PictureTel Corporation

Andover, MA

May 1997 - July 1997

Consultant working through Sally Silver Contract Services

Microsoft Developers' Studio, Win95, WinNT, PVCS, InstallShield, WinZip, WinDiff, Lotus Notes

Localization: In order to be able to supply multi-national versions of PictureTel products, the translations are done by outside "vendors". The only files containing translatable strings are the resource (.rc) files. Product builds are test-built in-house, then the .rc files are shipped to the vendor to be translated. The translated .rc files are then shipped back to localization engineers, who then re-test the builds. I worked on localization of Acorn, Teton, Live200, LiveLan PictureTel products.

Windows-NT, Windows-95, InstallShield, Microsoft Developers' Studio


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