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Campanology (Bellringing) is the Art and Science of ringing bells using a rope and wheel. It is a distinctly "English" pastime, originating in the British Isles, but in the last couple of hundred years has spread to the colonies, and can be found as far afield as New Zealand and Texas.

I learned to ring when I was about eleven. My home was in the West Country, in glorious Devon, where they do mostly call-change ringing. When I moved to Abingdon (about seven miles south of Oxford), I learned "method-ringing", joined the Oxford Diocesan Guild and became involved in many ringing activities in the Oxford area.

Since coming to the USA, I haven't done much ringing - just a few peals here and there, but I always seize any opportunity to ring when visiting the UK.

For more information on Campanology around the world, check out the The Ringing World Wide Web

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